How a PV System Works

How a PV System Works

Here at Green Energy Solutions, Grid Connect Systems are one of our main services. 

So how does this technology work? How does it produce energy just by sitting there in the sun?

Well, Photovoltaic (PV) cells in each of the panels actually convert the sunlight (photons) into electricity. This happens in the form of a DC voltage. In most cases, number of panels would be wired in series to form a PV array. Of course, the greater the number of panels, the higher the energy output of the array.

The solar array would be wired to an inverter and that which converts the DC input into the 240V AC that is required for operation of our everyday appliances within the home and building. The inverter would give real-time energy readings in its display window. This includes the power output, the daily total, and the cumulative total since installation. 

The 240V AC supply is then utilised within the premises where required. If the usage of energy is more than that provided by the solar PV system, then it draws the remainder of its needs from the electrical grid. If the solar system produces more energy than is being consumed, then the surplus power is exported to the grid and your home will be considered a mini green power station. This surplus power is credited on your bill in accordance with your respective feed-in-tariff.

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