How to Dress 1950s Pin Up Style

How to Dress 1950s Pin Up Style

At Circa Vintage Clothing we're online vintage clothing shop. We're here to give you a few pointers on How to Dress 1950s Pin Up Style.

The pin up should be fun, cute and sexy – a combination of the best of elegance with girl-next-door charm and friendliness and is always well behaved. That is, unless she is being cheeky.

Firstly, you should determine the fashion silhouette that will suit you best. There are two basic shapes that are preferred - fitted bodice with full skirt or fitted bodice with fitted skirt. Both have their advantages as the full skirt is great for dancing and getting blown up by the breeze whilst the fitted skirt is sexier, more “bad girl” and shows off seamed stockings to good advantage.

Secondly, you should consider where and when you’re going to be. If it is informal, you can include swimwear, sundresses, playsuits, shorts and top or maybe pedal pushers or Capri pants worn with flat or high heels. We generally don't really recommend pin up for formal situations - there are other things to wear like a beaded cardigan. 

Every Pin Up also needs some accessories with which to pose and play with. These include sun hats, towels, baskets, sun screen, head scarves, beach balls, books and sun glasses are great for the playful outdoors.

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