Industry Service

Industry Service

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The higher education industry is in the knowledge business, both creating knowledge (research) and imparting knowledge to its customers. The document is the main conduit of this knowledge and plays a fundamental part in supporting the teaching and learning process. In this developing environment, technology and the changeover of documents to electronic formats will have a significant effect on the delivery, quality and accessibility of education?

Financial Services

Financial services solutions focus on helping banking, finance and insurance organizations realize their primary commercial goals of bottom-line success and share-holder value.


With the increasing focus on the citizen as customer, the public sector is becoming more responsive as a service provider. Governments everywhere are under pressure to change processes and deliver value by providing better services at a reduced cost.

Graphic Arts

Digital technology has opened up a world of opportunities for the traditional offset printer. Digital printing solutions combined with new tools and applications allow print providers to make additional revenue and lower costs through rationalized operations.

Outsourcing & Facilities Management

See how Fuji Xerox can help your organization take effective control of documents, manage cost and improve productivity.


Hospitals (radiology departments) and imaging centers are making the transition to digital with the goal to be film-less and therefore reduce cost. PACS is changing the way they work. It lets you diagnose on-screen and easily archive digital images from different modalities on a single system.

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