InfoWorks 2D

InfoWorks 2D

Wallingford Software's Info Works 2D facilitates is fast, correct and detailed surface flood modeling.

Two-dimensional (2D) simulation is better suited than one-dimensional simulation (1D) for modeling flows through complex geometries (such as urban streets and buildings, road intersection and other transport communications), and open ground, where either source or direction of flow is challenging to assume.

In urban areas the situation is exacerbated further by the presence of sewer networks, in which flows can both enter and exit the system during flood events.

Modeling such complex flow scenarios both accurately and efficiently requires a model with both 1D and 2D engines.

Wallingford Software's Info Works 2D combines a number of distinctive features:

- Fully integrated 1D and 2D modeling environments

- Multiple results views, both static and animated

- Analysis and prediction of potential flood extent, depth and velocity

- Multiple surface mesh design optimizes modeling flexibility and accuracy

- Comprehensive functionality to completely model the interaction of surface and underground systems

- Info Works 2D is available as a fully-integrated module within Info Works SD for storm drainage modeling

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