Insulpaint Australia's Insulpaint is water based high superiority paint that is impregnated with a special proprietary element called Acrad 8. The Acrad 8 gives the paint the unusual ability to block heat transfer from the outside of the coated surface to the inside.

Many people ask what kind of temperature decrease could I expect if I paint my structure with Insulpaint and we cannot answer exactly, however you will be able to see from the following reference sheets that reductions from 6 to 14 O C are not uncommon.

The added benefit to cooler temperatures is a structure that looks excellent and will continue looking great for a look time to come, a byproduct of using a high quality base paint.

Insulpaint can be ordered in many different standard colours, and if you really want a exacting colour that we don't already have, we can do that too! It is this ability that allows a decrease in the internal temperature of structures that are painted with Insulpaint.


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