Jade Green Tea

Jade Green Tea

High Mountain Tea Co. a high excellence organic green tea is prepared according to the cure, fire wind development introduced to the Japanese hundreds of years ago by Buddhist monks. A great, clean revitalizing taste with a toasty enduring. A robust tea so a small amount goes a long way.

The forest-green liquor has a light zesty smell that sits full on the tongue with a comprehensive finish. This clean and bracing flavor can accompany any meal and will not be overpowered by spiced or zesty foods. This Swiss expert organic green tea is easy to be enjoyed all day everyday.

Scientific studies High Mountain Tea Co.'s green tea may reduce the risk of many chronic health problems. Polyphones are the natural chemical compounds found in tea.

The primary Polyphones found in teas are called Catechism, which make up 30 - 40% of the dry weight of tea. Polyphones are said to hold back cancer-producing cells, augment our natural detoxification defenses, and lower blood pressure.

Occasionally, the Chinese prefer to use a tall glass, teapot or a hot water flask to drink this variety of green tea.

By taking a flask of Jade Green to the office or place of work, it will give you that edge needed to get through any demanding day. Click the link below to find out more on how to brew.


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