Just Cloths Mum & Bubs Pack

Just Cloths "Mum & Bubs Pack" contains 2 Just Everything Cloths, 1 Just Glass cloth & 1 Optical/DVD cloth.  This pack will help Mums remove chemicals from their homes by using proven Ultra Microfibres.  The 2 Just Everything cloths can be used for cleaning Bub's highchairs, toys, prams, cots and change tables.  Think of what is in the sprays that you use around your baby ... Just Cloths and water are proven to remove more bacteria than chemicals.  The Just Glass cloth is great for cleaning mirrors, glass and stainless surfaces.  The Just Optical/DVD cloth is great for removing grubby fingerprints off your optical lenses, DVD's, camera lenses or computer screens.  No risks, no toxins & no chemicals.  $48.00 per pack.

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