Just Start Pack

Just Cloths "Just Start Pack" gets you cleaning every surface in your home WITHOUT using chemicals.  The pack contains 2 Just Everything (Pink & Blue) cleaning cloths that clean any surface in your home from the kitchen to the bathroom.  These cloths remove more bacteria, grease and grime that any chemicals and without any risks to you or the environment.  Also inlcuded is the Just Glass cloth, which is a polishing cloth for use on Glass, Mirrors and Stainless surfaces.  Streak free finish every time.  The Just Dust cloth actually attracts dust into the cloth where it stays until laundered.  All of these fibres will last for years and save you $$$'s on not using chemicals and also cut your cleaning time by up to 50%.  Proven and come with 100% money back guarantees.    $49.95 per pack.  Just Change ... Just Cloths.

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