Lasermethane Detector

Lasermethane Detector

Sustainable Risk Management Australia provides long-term risk management services to assist you with analyzing and minimizing the risks your business could face, and help to develop opportunities that make sure your  business has a sustainable future.

The lasermethane detector was designed to be both responsive and selective of methane, allowing the ability of remote discovery through infrared incorporation spectrophotometer. This allows precise detection of prospective gas leaks in high locations, such a upper limit piping and also through glass, allowing detection of gas from outside of rooms. As gas facilities are large structures with widespread piping, industry leaders have recognized the need for a remote-detection device in order to inspect gas leaks in a more efficient and exact manner.

The detector provides an instant reading on volume of gas detected by measuring the dispersion division of the reflected laser light. It is a small and easy to use detector, allowing time and cost efficient monitoring with improved safety performances. The detector utilized a class II laser which does not require additional licensing or certification for use in Australia. Sustainable Risk Management Australia will ensure that you maximize the risk management policies and planning already in place in your business.

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