Light Weight Concrete

Light Weight Concrete

Light weight concrete - or foamed real - is a resourceful material which consists primarily of a cement based mortar mixed with at least 20% of volume air. ECOsmart Australasia's Light weight eco concrete material is now being used in an ever growing number of applications, range from one-step house casting to low thickness void fills.

Although there is verification that the Romans used air entertainers to reduce concreteness, this was not really a true foamed concrete. Foamed concrete has a surprisingly long history and was first original in 1923, mostly for use as an insulation material.

Significant improvements over the past 20 years in production equipment and better quality surfactants (foaming agents) has enabled the use of foamed real on a larger scale.

Lightweight and free flowing, ECOsmart Australasia's Light weight concrete is a material suitable for a wide range of purposes such as, but not limited to, panels and block production, floor and roof screeds, wall casting, complete house casting, sound barrier walls, floating homes, void infill, slope protection, outdoor furniture and many more applications.

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