Logona Herbal Hair Colours

Logona Herbal Hair Colours are made Sante Organic & Natural makeup from henna and plants including beetroot and walnut shells and have no phenylendiamine (ppd) or toxic chemicals in them.

Henna can also help with psoriasis and dandruff. These colours are made using plants only and will leave your hair with added body and luster coating the hair shaft only. Applying the Sante Organic & Natural Cosmetics herbal hair colours to grey hair will not show a dark color however will add color to the natural hair.

Colours for grey hair are chestnut brown, umber brown. Umber brown has no gold colour and chestnut brown has a gold colour. Applying colour on colour always makes more colour so the more you colour your hair the better coverage on your grey hair. Chestnut brown on the roots and umber brown on the ends is a good mixture.

Always shampoo, no conditioner before application. Apply to dry hair and sit in the sun or apply heat over plastic cap and towell with a dryer. Leave for at least one hour. Always do a test strand for suitability of colour.


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