Low Emission LPG Gas

Low Emission LPG Gas

Here at Elgas, we have been providing Australian homes with green and cleaner-burning LPG for a long time. LPG means lower carbon emissions compared to man traditional energy sources and this would mean a better choice for our environment.

Of course, gas is a great option as an alternative fuel to coal fired electricity. It is not only great due to its chemical composition - allowing for cleaner and more eco friendly results - but it's also very versatile as it can be utilised for many applications around your home.

By replacing an average electric hot water system with a 5-Star LPG continuous flow hot water system, there will be huge reduction of 75% in Greenhouse gas emissions produced.

It is also true that the Greenhouse gas emissions for LPG continuous flow are even lower than compared to an electric boosted solar system. 
Nowadays, you can even purchase a 6 star continuous flow hot water system. This means further Greenhouse benefits for the entire family.

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