Marine Rubber Airbag

High strength.
Wear resistance and anti-aging.
Good air tightness.
Safety and reliability.
High kneading.
The structure of airbag:
The structure of Nanhai no. 1 gas-filling rubber airbag is shown in the picture. It consists of a bag body and an iron-end component.
The bag body is manufactured by vulcanizing the preliminary shaped airbag made of base rubber and reinforced fiber material.
The material of the iron- end component is metal, and it is connected to the bag body firmly.
Hoisting and moving airbags: they can be widely used for moving various large prefabricated reinforced-concrete products (such as caisson, box culvert, and bridge), oil drilling equipment and integrated building, etc.
Floating and filling airbags: the corresponding buoyancy can be offered on the clients’ request for wreck salvage and underwater installation operation. Filling and floating gasbags can be flexibly used in the projects of wreck salvage, pontoon bridge installation, dock building, underwater transmission pipeline installation, etc. in many ways.
Ship landing and launching airbag: it is widely used for landing and launching the large-size, medium-size and small size ships, with the advantages of labor-saving, time-saving and capital-saving.
Mandrel airbag: it can substitute the wooden or steel mandrel used for pouring the hollow of large reinforced concrete structure.
Container airbag: it can be used as the gas or liquid storage and transport container. 

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