Microarc Oxidation

Microarc Oxidation

InnovEco Australia's Microarc Oxidation (MAO) technology allows obtaining coatings with a unique complex of physical and mechanical properties on metals of valve group - aluminum, zinc, magnesium titanium and their alloys.

Compared to unadventurous anodizing techniques the MAO system is able to produce ceramic coatings with higher presentation, which particularly, have superior micro hardness, scrape resistance and descent resistance.

Advantages of the InnovEco Australia's MAO process:

1. Can be used to anodize alloys difficult to anodize with traditional anodizing processes, e.g. high silicon content die castings or high copper content aluminum alloys 

2. Pre- and post-treatments of the surface are not necessary

3. Capability of producing high-thickness coatings (up to 300 microns)

4. Usage of environmentally friendly and expensive electrolytes

5. Decorative magnetism of colures of the coatings


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