Mummy's Tummy Oil 100ml (certified organic)

This oil is a luxurious blend,
allowing mum-to-be
a moment to nourished,
embraced and nurtured.

This is her time and she needs to feel completely ‘delicioused’ and supported.

Garden of Light uses only pure cold-pressed organic oils to nurture and care for mummy’s tummy and all areas that might be subject to ‘stretching’.
Vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil and olive oil provides effective essential fatty acids to help the skin allow the expanding demands, without leaving marks.

Certified organic and hand-blended with great care and love from ingredients grown in Australia.

Ingredients: Sesame oil* (sesamum indicum), camellia tea*, safflower - vegetable & carrier oils* - ACO 10282P cold pressed virgin olive oil* (olea europaea), wheatgerm oil* (Triticum vulgare), 3% neroli in jojoba* (citrus aurantium amara), lavender oil* (lavandula angustifolia), mandarin red oil* (citrus reticulata), vitamin E natural (D-a-tocopherol). Certified organic ingredients.

To use: Apply to hands and rub together to warm, before gently massaging onto and around mummy’s tummy and thighs, with great care and loving attention… Try standing for a moment in the early morning or late afternoon sun with mummy’s tummy exposed to the rays, applying this oil and inviting the warm embrace.

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