Nature Within Soothing Moisturising Eczema Cream 75g Aust L: 168199

For the treatment of minor skin disorders such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis, may assist in the formation of scar tissue. Anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce itch and irritation. Help to moisturise and reduce the inflammation of sunburn.

Suitable for sensitive, dry, itchy, and eczema prone skin

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Apply topically twice a day to affected skin or areas susceptible to eczema

 AROMA: Fragrance Free

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Butyrospermum parkii (seed endosperm) conc. extract (3:1) 160 m g/g Shea Butter, Dexpanthenol 20 mg/g Vitamin B5 Calendula officinalis (flower dry) liquid extract (1:1) 10mg/g Centella asiatica (dry herb) liquid extract (1:1) 10mg/g Gota Kola ADVICE: Store Below 25 degrees celcius


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