Nybro Folding Ramps

Nybro Folding Ramps

Nybro folding ramps are physically strong, light-weight ramps that have an exclusive & particularly considered hinge to provide folding ability, which allow easy eco storage in your vehicle or at residence. The ramps offer an economical, versatile way to load anything on wheels into vans, uses or trailers.

Following are come in both light duty and heavy duty versions of Nybro folding ramps: -.

1. Technical Specs: Nybro Folding Ramps:

2. Aluminium construction

3. 90kg or 240kg capacity per ramp

4. Approximate length: 1.8 meters

5. Non-slip coating on ramp tops

6. Weighs approximately 6.2kg per ramp

7. Safety gap for fingers between ramp halves

8. Non-slip rubber on each end of ramp bottoms

9. Zinc plated or stainless steel hinges and fasteners

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