On-site Wastewater Management

On-site Wastewater Management

Here at the CET, we offer environmental training and courses for Australian and NZ citizens. One of our most popular course is On-site Wastewater Management which aims to teach best practice in on-site wastewater management. 

The course formally reviews competencies with an integrated series of practical and workshop exercises completed throughout the course. 

The course is designed for those involved in planning, design, regulation, management, installation and performance supervision of on-site and decentralised wastewater management systems.  

Councils should encourage attendance by site and soil assessors preparing Wastewater Reports to support development applications. 

The three-day course comprises lecture presentations, practical demonstrations, hands-on practical and workshop sessions and a field based site assessment and design exercise. 

There is also ample opportunity for discussion, information exchange and networking with fellow on-site wastewater practitioners. 

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