Organic Waste Services

Organic Waste Services

Flexitech Flinders Bioremediation provides extensive varieties of consulting, contract investigation and commercial bioremediation services.

They have expertise in lab, pilot and full scale testing to evaluate the feasibility of full-scale bioremediation and organic waste management procedure

Threw that it shut links with some university and other research organizations, they have access to an extensive variety of discuss with perfect spanning disciplines following as: -

1. Hydrogeology,

2. Microbiology,

3. Biotechnology and

4. Environmental health

Their commercial bioremediation services consist of on-site and off-site choice and can process from 1 to 10,000 tones of soil. They also have access to the staff and infrastructure to accomplish contract research and development tailored to convene the particular requirements of clients.

Following are the organic waste services:

1.Biofilter design and monitoring

2.Constituency and industry explicit waste audits

3.Lab and pilot scale compost feasibility studies

4.Local Government waste audits and waste strategy

5.Improvement of innovative compost technologies

6.Anaerobic incorporation and biogas manufacturing feasibility studies

7.Assessment of odour and leachate management alternative

8.Professional recommendation on land use and enlargement proposals

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