Po-Zu Eco Shoes

Po-Zu Eco Shoes

The shoes are made in Portugal from carefully selected natural materials that are healthy for your feet, safe for all the workers throughout the supply chain, and kind to the environment.

Po-Zu avoid harmful glues by stitching all the components together, which makes the shoes more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable. This produces an ultimate environmentally friendly shoe!

Po-Zu other prime purpose is to provide maximum comfort and pleasure for all Po-Zu wearers. The experience of walking or even standing in Po-Zu shoes is an absolute pleasure, thanks to the unique ‘foot-mattress’ – your feet will feel incredibly rested.

Po-Zu shoes relieve symptoms of tired and sore feet – according to feedback from 9 out of 10 customers, especially those who spend much of the day standing.

Po-Zu was originally conceived as the ideal house slipper, where comfort clearly comes first. Po-Zu have since expanded the comfort zone outdoors, so you can feel at the comfort of your own home, wherever you go.

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