Powdersafe Mail Isolation Chamber

Powdersafe Mail Isolation Chamber

OPEC Systems Pty Ltd:

Following are the details of OPEC Systems Pty Ltd: -

1. It is a privately own Australian company that was established in 1992.

2. It can supply the various varieties of ancillary items required to maximize the capability and effectiveness of refinement process.

3. It includes a sealed assessment chamber in which to open expect mail, and a double-sealed transportation unit for transferring the still-sealed examination chamber from the property.

The examination / separation unit is anticipated the capability for protected assessment of mail, mainly envelopes and small parcels, in an airtight environment. Once acknowledged as being doubtful and alleged of controlling a substance, the item is positioned into the inspection/ isolation unit and release in the comprehensible observation of the user.

If the mails include a substance, the inspection/isolation unit is then positioned in the Power-safe transportation case and taken to the adjoining certified laboratory.

Although most powder threats are hoaxes, it costs the same in dollars and lost productivity to evacuate for a hoax as for a real threat, so distinguishing between the two is a vital part of an efficient risk management strategy.

comprehensive tutorials are provided to instruct the person opening the mail to recognize common characteristics of suspicious mail, enabling that person to initiate safe procedures in the event of an unknown substance being found.

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