Product Technology

DayRay product has stretchy polymer light fibers pipe daylight to the central core of a multi-storey construction. Collector is situated anywhere on an exterior wall or on a roof with good disclosure to express or diffused sunlight

Following are the Benefits of DayRay's product: -

1. Cost effective

2. Easy installation

3. No require for structural alterations

4. No heat loss/gain thereby dipping heat load on the construction

5. Multiple compact light fittings can be ceiling, wall or floor mounted

6. The capability to daylight the inner core of a construction, replacing electric lights

7. Permanent interior output pattern gives the facility for easy integration of artificial lighting where required

Following are the different Applications: -

1. Industrial buildings

2. Residential buildings

3. Commercial buildings

4. Single and multi storey

5. Mining, shipping and hazardous environments

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