Professional Safe Cleaning Training

Fresh Green Clean gives a commercial and domestic cleaning expert with professional training from an experienced trainer in Professional Safe Cleaning Practices.

Safe Cleaning Practices teaches that cleaning is too much like a product - it is a procedure. From the assortment of suitable crackdown tools, to the method they are approved, utilized and maintained, the accomplishment of smarter practices can complete high hygiene principles by means of low chemical technique that keep their health and planet.


At the end of this session, participants will be able to the following things: -

1. Plan an implementation strategy.

2. Organize a maintenance schedule for cleaning tools.

3. Assess the health risk of conventional chemical cleaning products.

4. Describe the benefits of low chemical cleaning to health and environment.

5. Understand how microfibre functions to remove dirt and bacteria.

6. Achieve high standards of hygiene using low chemical methods.

7. Demonstrate the ability to use microfibre technology correctly.

Fresh Green Clean session consist of visual presentation, interactive discussion, exhibition and practical practice. All Applicants will get a comprehensive information handout.


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