Railway Level Crossing Safety Bulletin

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA):

It is an operationally autonomous body within the followings:

1. Australian Government Department of communications,

2. Transport,

3. Regional Development and

4. Local Government

5. Australia's prime organization for transport safety investigations

Since 1970 fatalities resulting from misfortune among road vehicles and trains at level expedition have compact by regarding 70%. However, freshly there has been an escalating quantity of accidents which involving heavy road motor vehicle

On the time duration Between April 2006 and December 2007 the AMSA investigated 12 level crossing accidents. On these 12 accidents, 9 have concerned for heavy road vehicles, 4 of which have been accident with long distance passenger trains. In addition, on the duration of the same period State authorities have examined other 3 major accidents between the heavy vehicles and passenger trains.

These accidents have cost the following things:

1. Lives of 19 people,

2. 13 on board the trains and

3. 6 occupants of the road vehicles

In addition, More than 60 people have been injured and the damage bill is calculated at well whish is approximately $100 million.

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