Rainforest Jungle Camp

Rainforest Jungle Camp

Bushwacker Eco Tours: - It is the best method to determine and discover the World Heritage Lamington and spring brook National Park. It is a tour of 2 day and 1 night on a Jungle Camp.

You can just spend a single night in the tropical rain forest of Lamington national park. Do you know what makes a venture on a night? With the help of torch in hand you are try to see the natural world of wildlife at our wildlife tours at night which you can't see at the time of day. This sense of a good camp is the offered by the Bushwhacker Eco Tours campfire.

following are the discription of the tour:

On the 1st day of this tour, they travel around the best part of Lamington national Park. There are three main walk places that has different feature which is Habitats, caves, 1000 year old trees, magnificent views.

On the 2nd day of this tour, they are visiting around the Springbrook National Park. On this day you can see the waterfalls, waterfalls and more waterfalls. They walks on Natural Arch and cave, perform a 2hr of walk near about the Twin Falls circuit, walk under waterfalls, walk on the best of all lookout and make sure to get out on some glow worms in a glow worm cave.

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