Recovery Ventilator

Recovery Ventilator

HEPA 4000 (ERV) provides a Healthy House which has definitive system for superlative sufficient interior air quality.

It is perfect for radiator atmosphere and high- humidity environments. (Hot/dry and hot/humid climates) Even though the Hepa 4000 (ERV) is appropriate for colder atmosphere, it is frequently connected with warmer climate homes where humidity control is significant. The ERV improve heat however, it also convalesce the energy attentive in dampness, which extensively residential the general revitalization efficiency.

Healthy House equipments are expressively energy recovery core which take out exterior humidity on that time period of air conditioning season and transfers it, in part, to the infected air departure on your residence, thereby keep away from the moisture which is outside from getting within. The improvement is reversed on the period of cool seasons to modify dampness loss due to residence heating.

With its top eminence eco filtration and its energy improvement this unit will present home fresh healthy air and decrease ventilation expenses.

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