Recycled Products

Recycled Products

Caylamax Demolition & Recycling:

At there they pride there selves in recycling and creating a variation to the environment. They Endeavour to get better the alternative and accessibility of possessions in the manufacturing industry, and support among budgets intended for residence renovators and builders.

From their demolition works they repossess salvage to sell to the required consumer Demolition & Recycling Products consist of de-nailed and docked hardwood (seasoned) and pine timber.

Following are the also the stock windows: -

1. Doors,

2. vanities,

3. kitchens,

4. steel,

5. roofing iron,

6. fencing,

7. ply,

8. Shade cloth and some other equipment.

On time to time they have carports, sheds and other exclusive things that are no longer presented elsewhere. Fresh stock arrives every day, maintaining their customers who are come back on time to time again.

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