Recycled Timber

The arrival of reborn eco timber as a construction product has been important in both raising industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation and adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

Apart the popularity of reborn eco timber due to these environmentally friendly benefits most of our stock is removed from old buildings, bridges and wharfs built in the late 1800'S and the early 1900'S guaranteeing each floor board, beam or post is truly seasoned.

This means the timber we supply for your home or project has a major structural upside as it has had plenty of time to dry in the New South Wales environment. 'Green Timber', plantation or old growth forest, can bend or warp due to water content and differing humidity if not seasoned properly. In time a good percentage of recently felled timber can shrink leaving gaps between boards and begin to squeak under your feet due to warping.

Once resourced Reborn Timber is carefully stripped out by our team with priority on minimizing damage. Reborn Timber then manually de-nail and grade the boards by quality and size ready for timber flooring, beams, decking and custom built furniture.

The care factor of this process is very important to your finished product therefore should be a high priority when searching and selecting your timber.

Flooring grade timber is the straightest 1st grade quality timber available.

Furniture grade timber comes in shorter lengths and has flaws such as grooves, notches and at times mild bore holes that add depth and character to the finished product.

Reborn Timber supplies a large variety of hardwood and pine timber flooring, beams and posts to tradesmen, home renovators and furniture makers. Kauri Pine, Remu Pine, Ironwood, Red Iron Bark, Cypys, Tallowood, Oregon, Huon Pine, King Billy Pine, Baltic Pine and more. Reborn Timbers proprietor, Dave Andrewartha also crafts specialty custom made furniture to order.

Take a look at our other pages for details on timber types, furniture options and stock available. Pricing is very competitive as you are buying direct . Quotes are dependent of quality and quantity.

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