ReneSolar Micro Inverters

ReneSolar Micro Inverters

At Ausind Solar, we are currently selling Micro Inverters. We believe that Micro inverter technology provides significant advantages to the conventional Solar PV system. 

These include: maximised energy yield, gives more flexibility with design and installation, optimal performance in non-ideal situations and low DC voltage. 

What a micro inverter does is to simply convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The output is combined and often fed to the electrical grid. Micro-inverters only operate for one or two panels - different from your average string inverter that operates for your whole system.

The main advantage of having a micro inverter is that it eliminates the effects of shading. Those small amounts of shading on your one solar panel, or can lead to complete of your whole system. Each micro-inverter is there to harvest optimum power by performing maximum power point tracking for its connected panel.They are also simple to use and reliable as well.

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