Replenishing Body Moisturizer

Replenishing Body Moisturizer

Aveda Experience Center: - Brisbane's Restore flexibility to dry skin with a dampness-binding blend of vitamins, natural humectants and organic oil that is consist of meadow foam. It is Refreshingly aromatic blend with pure plant and flower requirements.

Following are the description regarding it: -

1. Invigorating aroma

2. Hydrates and softens dry, stressed skin

3. Even rough, dry skin feels soft and moisture-replenished

After shower or bath Apply Replenishing Body Moisturizer on wet skin to seal in moisture. Massage in excess of whole body with gentle circular motions.

Following are the Aveda Experience Center: 

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3. MadagascarTM

4. RainforestTM

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6. ValenciaTM.

7. Fill an Aveda Aroma Diffuser or Aroma Ring with Diffuser Oil.

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