Safe Drinking Water Project

Safe Drinking Water Project

One of our projects at Mono Pumps was to install a filtration system for a hospital - The St Francis Nyenga Hospital is located in Nyenga, Uganda.

The Hospital has experienced problems with access to a reliable water supply for a number of years. Water is pumped from a small spring more than a kilometre away from the facility. The spring water is contaminated and all the water for the hospital needed to be boiled on a charcoal stove before it could be used. This added a significant cost to the operation of the hospital and seriously limited the volume of water available.

The surrounding community, of around 150 households and the local primary school also depends on the Hospital’s water source, however as the water source was contaminated many people who consumed the untreated water end up contracting various water borne diseases.

So the team here at Mono Pumps came up with a Solution.

In July 2008, Mono Pumps and Innovation Africa provided a solution to the water problems at St Francis Hospital with the donation of a Mono Solar Water Filtration system and clean water storage tank. The Solar filtration System pumps all the water through a GE Ultra Filtration Membrane to remove any pathogens, bacteria or viruses before storing the water in elevated clean water tanks. The hospital and surrounding community can now draw on over 10,000 litres of clean* water everyday.

The filtration system is fully automatic so that the Sisters of St. Francis can now concentrate on attending to the needs of their patients rather than having to collect and boil water.

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