Short Handle Cotton Bag

Short Handle Cotton Bag

Bee Green's Cotton Bag is the natural, biodegradable alternate option, small & sufficient for put into your coat pocket or handbag, yet big as adequate things to carry your groceries. It is best for all, it's capable to extend and firmly hold up to 14kgs of shopping and distinct some alternatives, String Bags acquiring up extremely few breathing space on that time it is not in use.

It construct from 100% cotton in attractive brilliant colours,extraordinary value and it depends on the design which is effectively used in Europe for generations.They also enormous to utilized as an all intention bag. These user friendly bags present an environmentally pleasant, handy alternative to the 6.9 billion plastic shopping bags which is consumed by Australians every year.

"They do not succeed to the earth from their associates, they make use of it from their children." Native American Proverb


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