Solar Air Module (SAM)

SAM collectors are designed to allow you to select the optimal number of Solar Air Modules for your home or commercial building and offer maximum flexibility in installation and location of the modules.

In Australia we receive heat radiation up to 1100 watt/square metre during Spring and Autumn and 1000 watt/square metre in Winter. SAM helps you direct this heat into your home or commercial building, improving the indoor climate by ventilating the building with fresh preheated air.

The fresh preheated air reduces condensation, mould, mildew, musty smells and dampness. Furthermore it increases efficiency for existing heating.

The fans are powered by high quality amorphous PV panels, ensuring the unit operates even in partially overcast conditions.

The solar operation ensures the unit only operates when beneficial and without any cost.

SAM is thermostatically controlled ensuring only warm air is being brought into the house when required.

The excess power from the PV panel may via the thermostat be used to power a Solar Whiz unit or another heat extraction fan.

SAM may be roof or wall mounted. The ideal angle for mounting is around 55 degrees with the longitude. It is possible to mount SAM following the pitch of the roof although it will affect efficiency.

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