Solar Batteries

 Solar batteries are becoming more affordable all the time. Our preferred brands include LG Chem, BYD and Fronius. Suitable for home, office, factory and farm shed.

Hielscher Electrical has an extensive range of Cairns solar products, all specifically chosen to provide superior performance in North Queensland’s tough tropical conditions. Our product range includes everything we need to design, install, upgrade or maintain grid connect PV systems, battery back-up PV systems and off grid PV systems for residential, commercial and agricultural customers. Specific componentry includes an array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with appropriate mounting and racking frames; these are the panels which are either roof or ground mounted to ‘capture’ the insolation and the framework which secures them. Inverters, which convert solar power into an AC current suitable for use by your appliances and to feed back into the grid. As well as solar batteries, capturing your unused solar power and making it available for use after dark or when the mains power is out.


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