Solar Hot Water Heat Pumps

Solar Hot Water Heat Pumps

Here at Todd's Plumbing and Electrical, we know just how important hot water is to your average household. 

Unfortunately, water heating accounts for nearly a quarter of the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australian home.

With Solar Hot Water Heat Pumps, you can significantly reduce both your hot water emissions and your energy bills.

Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into the water, and so do not rely on the sun or fossil fuels to provide an energy source. 

A heat pump is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power input, it can create over 4 kW of output heat. 

That’s a performance efficiency of a remarkable 400%. Where as conventional electric storage water heaters can only convert 1 kW of input power into 1 kW of output heat.

An energy efficient hot water system such as a heat pump is a great way for households to make substantial reductions in their energy consumption and cost of living. A heat pump provides a quick and easy replacement of your old energy-hungry electric water heater, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions by over 4 tonnes, and saving you up to $930 per year.

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