Solar Installation at Monash University

Solar Installation at Monash University

Here at EnviroGroup, we are proud to share our experiences with one of our clients - Monash University. 

As one of the world’s leading universities, Monash is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and have invested significant resources into improving the overall sustainability through a mixture of energy efficiency, behavioural change and renewable energy installations.

EnviroGroup was engaged by Monash university to install a massive 135kw solar PV system on their peninsula campus library in Frankston, Victoria. the layout of the PV system was designed to minimise shading and maximise production throughout the whole year.

One of the challenges faced on this project was to install the system during the university’s holiday period – EnviroGroup had to complete the project in 30 days. precise project planning and management processes were employed to fulfil all project requirements on time. EnviroGroup successfully completed the project in mid July 2013 – ahead of schedule. 

This installation produces approximately 170 MwH of electricity each year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the university by approximately 220 tonnes of Carbon Emissions equivalent per year. It is one of victoria’s largest solar PV installations and is the largest PV system connected to the United Energy distribution network.

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