Solar Monitoring with your iPhone

Solar Monitoring with your iPhone

Here at Suntrix we want to give you peace of mind and control when it comes to monitoring your solar system.

Our SunTrix solar monitoring system will provide you with the ability to easily assess what your solar power system is producing. You can also get data on the savings that you are making from your investment just by having the sun is shining on your panels.

You can monitor this anywhere you like - from the comfort of your home or when you're one the run, just use our very own iPhone App and you can check the current output of your solar PV system. You will be able to see just how many kilowatt hours the systems has produced over the day, week, month or even over it's lifetime.

Our solar monitoring system utilises a wireless device that fits comfortably on the kitchen bench or on lounge room wall. This will give you the ability to accurately monitor your system anywhere where your phone has reception.

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