Solar Packages for Travelling and Leisure

Solar Packages for Travelling and Leisure

One of the products we have here at Dynamic Solar are our stand alone solar packages designed for caravan and leisure. 

Whist travelling or holidaying around the country, there are numerous destinations where power is not readily available or is too limited for providing the creature comforts most caravans and motorhomes feature. 

Having a solar power system with a powerful Combi Series Interactive Inverter-Charger is the best solution to maintain continuous power supply to the luxuries you want to take with you while you’re travelling.

We recognise that building a complete solar power system for your caravan or motorhome is a complicated and difficult task, which is why our power experts have done the hard work for you and put together these three complete packaged systems. By offering a choice of a complete packaged system, we can take away all the complex calculations and confusing configuration options, so that you can focus on choosing the most suitable system for your needs. Each system includes all the required parts to install a complete power system, so all you have to do is focus on choosing the right system for you and your budget and start enjoying your well earned holidays.

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