Solar Panel 40W 17V 2.3A

Solar Panel 40W 17V 2.3A

The 40 watt solar panel is very similar to the BP solar panels with a framed size of 65 cm by 55 cm. The 40 watt output is produced in full sunlight at 2.3 amps at 17 volts. It will power 12V appliances and lights and by using an inverter will power small AC appliances.

Solar panel construction details
As with all our 12 volt solar panels it is composed of 36 multi-crystalline silicon solar cells of similar performance, interconnected in series to obtain the 12 volt output.
For each 18 cell series string, one bypass diode is installed to fully utilise sunlight and absorb maximum photovoltaic power.
Cells are laminated between high transmissivity low-iron 3.2mm tempered glass and sheet of tedlar-polyeaster-tedlar (TPT) material by two sheets of ethylene Vinyl acetate (EVA) to protect against moisture penetrating into the module. The assembly is protected by an extruded aluminium  frame with sealant applied to the edges.
A versatile junction box is attached to provide connection points.

Manufactured to a high level of quality control, each individual cell is tested and measured before assembling the panel, and then each and every panel is tested and measured to IEC standards before shipping. Unlike most of the Asian solar panel suppliers, the factory actually performs the silicon doping process in-house, which provides further quality control over the end product as they are in control of the whole process from start to finish.

Each panel is also uniquely identified with a barcode serial number for traceability and warranty purposes, and the test results for each panel are logged with that serial number so you can rest assured of a quality product and we stand by these claims of performance.

Dimensions 65cm x 55cm x 3cm
Weight 4 Kg
Pmax 40 W
Rated Voltage: 12V
Vmp 17.2V
Imp 2.32A
Voc 21.4V
Isc 2.56A
Manufactured and tested to IEC standards

Warranty 20 year output warranty, 1 year workmanship

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