Solar Power for your Home

Solar Power for your Home

Here at True North Solar, we are a passionate solar and renewable energy company. Our commitment is driven by our desire to help our community reduce our electricity bills and carbon emissions.

Our team here at True North Solar is fully committed to providing our clients with top quality and professional solar installations. We only use high quality products - and they have all been approved by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. 

We also use our own fully trained and professional employees who are not only Licensed Electricians but they are also Accredited Solar Installers and Designers.

When it comes to Residential Solar, there are still solar rebates available for the installing a solar system. Of course, the rebate depends no the size of the system - the larger, the more you get. 

Having a solar system on your rooftops will make a huge difference to your current and future energy bills. It can really help you not only save money, but also decrease your overall carbon emissions. 

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