Solar Power1

Solar Power1

NU Energy: - It is a home or business owner which is a net producer of electricity, power is put back into the grid and credited back to the owner of the property. Your Electricity / power meter will be replaced in-to a �smart� and digital meter.

Their Solar PV panels have a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years. Among the fresh Federal Government encouraged and improved up-to $8,000 per installation the charge payback period is around 8-10 years for the standard 1 KW system.

If your house or business is situated more than 1 km from the adjacent power line or when the cost of installing a power line is exist the cost of a renewable energy system, a RAPS may fulfill your necessities.

It is one of Australia�s leading RAPS manufacture & installation companies.

They have installed systems in some of the major remote and inhospitable places on earth, which is together with Antarctica and Heard Island.

Their systems incorporate hybrid installations are include as following: -

a) Solar PV panels,

b) Solar hot water,

c) Wind turbine,

d) Diesel generator and

e) Storage batteries

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