Specialised Bat Studies

Specialised Bat Studies

Ecotone Ecological Consultants: - All of their fauna field staff has been vaccinated adjacent to Australian Bat Lascivious and are practiced in bat treatment and trapping method. They provide some specialized bat services which include: -

1) Bat Surveys

2) Population Monitoring

3) Bat Impact Assessment Studies

4) Analysis of Recorded Micro-bat Calls (Anabat)

5) Bat Banding/Radio-telemetry (subject to approval)

Following are some Examples: -

a) Bat Surveys for Sydney Water Corporation in and around tunnels near Cataract Dam (1997/8)

b) Bat Survey at Mallee Cliffs National Park for NPWS (Western NSW Biodiversity Study, 1996)

c) Bat Exclusion and Roost Relocation for the replacement of the wooden bridge at Mill field for Roads & Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA) (2001-2005)

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