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Gwarehouse is the exclusive Australian distributor for Suncoat Products.  Suncoat Products Inc. is a Canadian research and manufacturing company specializing in natural, eco skincare, cosmetics and personal care products. Suncoat Products Inc. is an approved signatory for the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Although still new to Australia, Suncoat is best known in Canada and the US for its expertise in water-based nail polish technology.  In addition, Suncoat now offers a range of natural organic colour cosmetics and sugar-based hair styling products. Standing out as the only long lasting and quick-drying water- based nail polish in today's market place, Suncoat water-based nail polish is formulated based on an innovative technology which Suncoat Products Inc. invented (currently patent-pending) . Suncoat water-based nail polish is being used by many women as a natural alternative to the toxic chemical, solvent based conventional nail polish.

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