Swep Water, Solution And Effluent

SWEP is a self-governing laboratory which is providing Organic Farming & Gardening Analytical Services for optimize productivity and sustainability by utilizing the Mikhail Soil Balance System.

1) Drinking water:

This examination is for water anticipated for human utilization and includes 17 tests plus supporting information. If the water is intentional for sale or for Public use, they suggest together with heavy metal investigation at least in the initial test, plus normal testing for Biological corruption.

2) Aquaculture & Aquarium water:

This test contains 21 laboratory tests. It is manufacturing for use in routine monitoring of aquaculture operations, especially closed recycling systems.

3) Farm water:

This test is appropriate for analysis of tank, bore, stream or drainage water anticipated for wide-ranging farm use (e.g. irrigation, spray tanks, wash down, etc.) or for Livestock consumption. It contains 13 tests and supporting information.

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SWEP Laboratories Optional enclosure with this test package include:

a) Lead

b) Iodine

c) Nitrite

d) Nickel

e) Arsenic

f) Mercury

g) Fluoride

h) Cadmium

i) Chromium

j) Molybdenum

k) Ammonium Nitrogen

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