Swing Gates

Swing Gates

SW680 Double Solar Kit is manufactured by Solar Ezy for the purpose of double gates up to 4m or 16m� lengthy and weighing up to 300kg each. Motorized by Solar Ezy exclusive Low-Voltage Battery Charge System, for opening the gates it is using simple �swing arm� mechanism.

Following are the Featuring Limit Switches to set the open & close situation of your gate, there is not required to installing a garish center ground stop.

a) It features a quiet, constant cycle 12V DC motor with 30:1 decline gearbox and built-in 7aH backup battery.

b) The simple Manual Release System uses an Allen Key to disengage your Gate Opener in an emergency.

c) It is completely suitable for remote installations where 240V already exists in a nearby shed or garage.

d) Just put the Charger into a power point within 80m of your gates and run the low-voltage lead down to your gate in a superficial ditch or along a fence line, saving the cost of an Electrician and exclusive trenching.

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