T+A elektroakustik: High-End Environmentally Sustainable AudioVisual Equipment

T+A elektroakustik: High-End Environmentally Sustainable AudioVisual Equipment

For more than 27 years, T+A have developed the finest reproduction of audio electronics and loudspeakers that are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

T+A’s exceptional product range boasts leading edge technical precision whilst maintaining stylish design in all of their lifestyle systems, including a variety of attractive colour options - any colour on the European Colour Chart for most our ranges.

T+A includes an array of multifaceted products which can be integrated with many external products and systems. In addition to multi-room and video solutions, T+A offers practical methods of connecting their systems to other manufacturers. In particular, the R-System and K Series facilitate CRESTRON and QED, to enhance the system’s operating convenience

Since its founding in 1978, T+A has applied a philosophy of environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices. They have always prohibited the use of materials in the production process which are harmful to the environment and injurious to the health. This has resulted in the application of a number of key policies:

* No Chlorine based solvents and CFC's are used in the manufacturing process.

*T+A has, where possible, avoided the use of plastics, especially PVC. Instead,   they use metals and other - non-harmful materials, which are easily recyclable. More than 80% of T+A components can be recycled.

* T+A does not use rainforest or old growth timbers in speaker enclosures. Plantation timbers from Europe and   the US are used in construction of the laminated, solid timber speaker enclosures.

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