Taking out the Trash

The first in a series of four games by Green Games, Taking out the Trash focuses on the seemingly simple act of recycling. Packed full of information on each of the four trash types featured in the game (paper, metal, plastic and glass), it raises important questions about the materials we use and where they end up. Importantly, over half of what ends up in our landfills is in fact recyclable, so while recycling is now very much accepted by the mainstream, there is still significant room for improvement. The core game is intended for children aged five and up and can be expanded by the inclusion of action cards to add an element of strategy. The game’s simplicity and quick set-up and game time –around 20 minutes from start to finish – mean that it can be played easily just about anywhere, from homes to schools to public transport. So for good CLEAN fun for all the family, look no further than TAKING OUT THE TRASH!
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