TANKVAC™ provides a safe, simple, effective, economical and environmentally friendly solution for obtaining cleaner drinking water from the rain, rivers and bores.

1. TANKVAC™ Removes the Anaerobic Zone
Traditionally the base water in a water tank is referred to as an ANAEROBIC zone - there is no oxygen in this area and anaerobic bacteria can grow and contaminate your water. TANKVAC™ sucks this dirty water out to waste and within days of rain your tank will be clean and without an anaerobic zone.

2. TANKVAC™ Increases Tank Water Oxygen Levels
TANKVAC™ makes a real difference to your water quality: it seems to sparkle more!  Water tanks frequently have bacterial contamination which uses up the oxygen in the water. Bacterial contamination is often measured as BOD level: Bacterial Oxygen Demand. The higher the bacterial contamination in your tank water, the greater the BOD level will be.  TANKVAC ™ helps to eliminate the bacterial contamination so that the oxygen remains in the water for your family to benefit from.

3. TANKVAC™ Improves the Quality of the Water in Your Tank
In most water tanks, sediment of sludge and organic plant material builds up. This sediment encourages the growth of microscopic organisms, particularly within the lower level of the water. This organic material provides the perfect source of nutrients for micro-organisms to grow. For example; when fecal coliforms (such E.Coli from bird faecal matter) are washed off a roof into the water tank, they are able to live in and populate the water. Tests carried out by Auckland University, New Zealand, showed that TANKVAC™ was effective in cleaning this bacterial contamination.  The processes of decay and microscopic growth create an oxygen demand which uses oxygen in the water. This can leave the affected water turbid and lifeless. The sparkle simply goes from the water, but it returns with TANKVAC™

4. TANKVAC™ Patented Product Benefits:
TANKVAC™ is patented in Australia and other countries because it incorporates two clever ideas:
(a)The suction pipe extends along the width of the water tank. Competitor products can only suck from a very small area at the bottom of a vertical pipe.

(b)A unique flow generator increases suction power by 350%. This dramatic suction cleans the tank base significantly better than the competitor’s products

5. TANKVAC™ Keeps Home Water Filters Cleaner
When it passes through a pump, plant material in the water is ground into fine particles which blocks filters. If you don’t have water filters, this debris simply passes into your drinking water and shows in a glass of water as microscopic specks. Although filters are effective at removing this ground up material, they are expensive to install and maintain. When dirty, filters cause a significant fall off in water pressure within the home. University tests showed that filters which were previously changed every 6 weeks did not need to be changed for over 12 months when using TANKVAC™

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