Tetra Tea Tree Baby Bedding

The Natural Choice For 60 Years

At Tetra we believe parents and their precious children deserve only the best when it comes to bedding choices.  As Australia’s first natural baby bedding range, Tetra has already helped millions of parents provide their babies with a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. What is so unique about Tetra mattresses and pillows is that they are filled exclusively and only with purely natural, organic, Tea Tree Flakes.

Tetra Flakes are lighter-than-feather naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and naturally non-allergenic pieces of incredibly fine Tea Tree paper-bark. Further, Tetra mattresses that are firmly filled with Tea Tree Flakes, have been scientifically proven to promote airflow and accumulate less CO2 then foam or polyester. Tetra Tea Tree Flakes are also known to stay cool, unlike many other filling materials that are prone to overheating.

For a number of reasons Tetra is Australia’s most sustainable baby bedding. The Tea Tree is local and not imported. It is hand-collected in a renewable process that preserves the Tree’s ability to produce oxygen and support wildlife. The Tea Tree can be revisited for collection every 7 to 10 years. The Flakes are created without chemical interference or adhesives. Also, as Tetra is proudly Australian Made, it is sweatshop free. Tetra also comes in a range that uses only certified organic cotton.

This all goes to say that Tetra is not just The Natural Choice; it is also an ethical one. Tetra is safe, comfortable, natural and sustainable for the best healthy start in life.

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