The Aerobin

The Aerobin

The Aerobin is a technological breakthrough in home and garden waste management.

1) It uses a patented lung or ventilation core inside a preserved bin to encourage aerobic break down of organic matter, which professional speak is the preferable method to diminish greenhouse gas production.

2) With the innovatory Aerobin you can contribute optimistically to the atmosphere with aerated composting of house and garden waste, rather than discarding your food waste & garden waste in the trash bin & creating an environmental problems.

3) The thermal insulation in the Aerobin preserve heat, leading to rapid break down of waste and works professionally year around, even in cool constituency. There is not require to turning or maintaining the unit and it's absolutely pest and pet proof. It has tiny odor and kills wild plant and seeds.

4) You can frequently put a combination of wet materials such as food scraps, coffee grounds and lawn clippings mutually with dry materials such as leaves, twigs and newspaper into the container and because it fracture down substance so quickly, the bin supposed to always have plenty of room.

5) The Aerobin is so simple to use just open, drop and close. After a short time, abundant compost is formed, which is simply entrance via the lower side door.

6) It has Compost releases nutrients from organic matter to supply your plants and expand your soil and you can accomplish this with hardly any effort and no mess.

7) Join the Aerobin revolution: - Disposition of household and garden waste simply, cleanly and be greenhouse friendly.

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